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NOV 28th - 30th 

Welcome to 

PAMedinterna 2019

Prof. Carlos Vasconcelos and Dr. Carlos Dias,

internists and autoimmunologists of Hospital Santo António and Hospital S. João in Porto, made the decision to join PAM- Porto´s Autoimmune Meeting and Medinterna, in order to have the biggest international meeting on autoimmune diseases in Portugal. 


Portugal has traditionally played a leading role in advancing knowledge about autoimmune diseases and the country has a very strong autoimmunologist community, joining internists, pediatricians, rheumatologists, nephrologists and others.  

Dear collegues, 

We'd like to announce the 3rd Autoimmune Disease International Meeting – PAMEDINTERNA 2019, in the city of Porto, Portugal on November 28-30, 2019. 

This year, the themes are “Rare Autoimmune Diseases”.

Our programme will include several highly respected local specialists, alongside great number of international experts, sharing the common goal of spreading and exchanging knowledge about the latest developments in autoimmunity. 

Join us and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of medical science among old and new colleagues!

Looking forward to welcoming you in Porto. 




Carlos Dias | MI/HSJ

Carlos Vasconcelos |UIC/CHP


Ana Campar |UIC/CHP

Edite Pereira |MI/HSJ

Laura Marques |UIC/CHP

Raquel Faria |UIC/CHP

Organizing Commit

António Marinho |UIC/CHP

Álvaro Ferreira |UIC/CHP

Ana Martins da Silva |UIC/CHP

Ester Ferreira |MI/HSJ

Fátima Coelho |MI/HSJ

Fátima Farinha |UIC/CHP

Filipa Silva |MI/HSJ

Gilberto da Rosa |MI/HSJ

Guilherme Rocha |UIC/CHP

Graziela Carvalheiras |UIC/CHP

Isabel Almeida |UIC/CHP

Ivone Silva |UIC/CHP

João Correia |UIC/CHP

José Costa |MI/HSJ

Mariana Brandão |UIC/CHP

Pedro Vita |UIC/CHP

Teresa Mendonça |UIC/CHP 




Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar ICBAS

R. Jorge de Viterbo Ferreira 228, 

4050-313 Porto 


Secretariat Staff : 

  • Jacqueline Ferreira
  • Guilhermina Gourgel

T.+351 222077500 Ext.1334 

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The ‘Undefeated City’ has one of the richest artistic, cultural and historical heritages in Portugal, with churches, monuments and museums representing many historical stages in its evolution. Recognition came in 1996 when UNESCO classified the old part of the city as World Heritage, and in 2001 when Porto was European Capital of Culture.

Porto can also be discovered in a narrow alley, during a morning stroll by the River Douro or having lunch in Praça da Ribeira; gazing at the sunset from a Foz terrace or dining in a traditional restaurant; or interacting with the locals and enjoying their unique “Porto accent”. 

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